Friday Fun in the Sun!

Today is another beautiful day in San Francisco, the whole bay area is pretty stoked on this awesome weather. I don’t have as much time with this post but it is still full of awesomeness all around. Damn it just read and shut up.

5 things that are fun right now!

1. It is supposed to be nice and sunny all weekend= awesome training weekend.

2. I plan to play hours of Little Big Planet 2. I swear this is super fun, give it a chance peeps!

3. Poker playoff Party after training with some awesome TNT buddies. Nuff said. I might get naked, wait its not strip poker Aly…. well I still might get naked.

4. I am getting a massage tomorrow by a guy named JK, that is just fun-ny. At least I hope. Jason says no happy endings.

5. Hawaii is booked and set for 10 days in April. BooYa bitches!

Working hard for operation hawaii beach body. I lost .8 this week. Whats up now evil scale?? I contemplated throwing you out the window, now I want to kiss you except you have had my nasty feet all up on you. Which makes you dirty, and a little too dirty for me even.


Weight Lost/Gained

-1.5lbs  + -.8= 2.3lbs!

Here we go peeps, glad to see some numbers going down. So far January is looking good!


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