Friday Funday!

So every Friday will now be Friday Funday, I am only going to talk about fun things and this will be a very random post, be aware 🙂

1. Tomorrow we are swimming in the San Francisco Bay for our first open water swim, I am saying this is fun, it will be fun and I will make it fun even if it is freezing my imaginary balls off.

2. I am on a total tea kick and who doesn’t think tea is fun? Personally I have been indulging in the Wild Sweet Orange from Tazo, Soo yummy.

3. Ordering clothes is always fun I am currently debating on what I should order from Nordies right now….. Hmmm what do you think Boots or scarves or hat??? so many choices I can’t put a picture up of all of them, Just check out the sale section and send some love my way.

4. The Sun is shining and even though it is only 55 Degrees, the sun makes me feel like spring is just around the corner.

5. I really want to go to a Fondue restaurant again, I think I will plan this valentines day at the melting pot in Marin…. Yumm and you know I gotta have me some chocolate!

There are my 5 fun things for friday Fun day! What do you think sounds fun right now?


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