Dreaming of a (warm)sunny day

I originally put this post as dreaming of a sunny day, yesterday it was sunny but it was still cold. So I had to revise to say that I truly can not wait for the sun to come back and to have some warm weather! But, there is something magical about seeing San Francisco in it’s true state; Foggy, overcast and dreary. The magic is not working with my brain to make me feel chipper and ready to take on the world. At least I have my fitness to help in that department.

Last night we had a Run workout with my Team in Training Winter team. If you are new to my blog, I am training for my second triathlon. This one is going to be in Hawaii! I am very excited to have my first time to Hawaii and complete my second Olympic distance triathlon. With that being said, I train six days a week, three of which are with my team. Back to last night- We had our second 2 mile timed workout to compare to our first that happened a few months ago. I was feeling pretty good during my 1o minute warmup and was ready to conquer the run. I am not a huge fan of distance running on a track but I was able to deal with it. I completed my first mile in 9 minutes and 32 seconds. My second mile was 18 Minutes and 46 seconds! This blew my previous time of 22 minutes and some change out of the water! I was very proud of myself and still am.

Focus on what you can change

I am struggling with losing weight, I know it has only been about 2 weeks since I got hardcore with calorie counting and being steady with my workouts; but it is a struggle. Granted I lost 1.2 pounds last week and my WI is tomorrow I am just not too hopeful to see a change since I peeked at the scale this morning. I promise to myself and all of you that I am going to take my measurements either tonight or tomorrow. I need to see some sort of progress to keep this going since I really only have about 15 pounds total to lose it could take some time. If I feel that I am still struggling on my own I will go back to weight watchers the first week of February. I am determined to be in really good shape and feel great about myself for Hawaii in April.

Fun with Food

My amazing boyfriend went to the store last night since I had training and loaded up our fridge with healthy delicious stuff. We are going to tackle healthy eating like a beast this weekend. Feel Beasty!!!! I plan to try a few new recipes and just experiment in the kitchen.

Work-it Girl

Tonight I am going to try to shock my body a little bit and do a spin class instead of my scheduled swim workout. If I can make it to the gym in time I will be set. If not I will bring my swim gear and get my swim in. Next week I plan to truly shake it up with completely different days in an attempt to really challenge my body and myself.  We have our first open water swim at aquatic park in San Francisco tomorrow, it won’t be anything like how it was this day…

Because it is going to be about 10 degrees colder outside and about 51 degrees in the water. I am excited and nervous to swim when it will be so cold, but I am going to suck it up and put on my big girl wetsuit and bust it!


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