Dealing with it Daily

I honestly want to say that it is really hard for me to be so consistent with my food logging and workouts on some days. When I go off the wagon for a day or two, or even a meal, I can feel like a complete failure. I know this seems slightly  Crazy/obsessive/(insert favorite word here), but I have found that I am still dealing with this self-esteem stuff daily. The hardest part is letting go and moving on. I am really good about beating myself up. Even when I am trying my hardest, and truly making good accomplishments, there is always that little voice inside me who is telling me what I am doing wrong. Slowly, I am learning to tell the voice to Shut the F*ck up and get over it. I am amazing and I am a triathlete and really am changing my body and life for the better. I just want to address that some days it is hard to say that. Some days it just does not register. Today I am going to put everything behind me as far as food guilt goes. It is a new day and there is always a new meal. I am eating healthy and there are going to be days, week and months where that is not the case. I can only control so much, so I will learn to control my feeling first and foremost, and try to develop a healthy relationship with food. ::End Rant::


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