Hello, is it me your looking for?

Well as much as I wanted to come update this weekend, life got in the way as usual. It was a jam-packed weekend, that started Friday night.

Friday- Worked all day, then rushed home to grab the BF and head to the laundry mat where we have our clothes washed. It amazes me how surprised the women are that work there when we bring out clothes in. Apparently we bring in more clothes than the average couple 😉 We picked up our 5 bags of clean clothes to run to my sisters house and pick something up. That was proceeded with going to the grocery store to buy the fish to made a yummy Panko Crusted Halibut. The story is that Panko is supposed to be like eating something fried. It did have that taste and it worked out great! I can’t wait to try more Panko Recipes. After dinner I got into bed so I could get ready for a 2 hour bike ride the next morning at 8am.

Saturday- Woke up at 6 to mount my Garmin GPS watch on my bike. (Jason had to get out of bed to help me because I am mechanically challenged when it comes to anything involving machinery.) Got all geared up for the bike ride, packed my run gear since we had a 15 minute run to follow the bike ride. I met up with 9 other crazy people to go ride at 8am from Walnut Creek to San Ramon and Back. It was a blistering 40 degrees, so with wind chill it was F*cking cold! After the 2 hour 23 mile ride I laced up to run. My feet were completely numb beginning the run and only started to barely defrost when I got back to the car. After the workout was done we said our good byes and I headed into sports basement to do some damage on my bank account, and  make my next bike ride more pleasant. I got some full length biking gloved and toe covers. I drove home with the heater blasted, singing  Jamiraqui.

Saturday night- The BF and I headed into the city for a Kareokee fundraiser one of my teammates was having. The idea was you pay $2o to make someone sing, $30 and you can pick the song, $40 and you pick the song and the outfit. This was  a great fundraiser idea and it was hilarious. I made my debut singing Gloria Gaynor, I will survive. It was a blast! We headed home and I hit the hay at 10pm so I could get up for another workout sunday morning.

Sunday- Woke up at 7:30 for a 9am workout in Pleasant Hill. Made it there and proceeded to run my slight hangover away. This turned out to be a 55 minute run/walk. When we came back from the run we did a super intense core workout. Lots of lunges, push-ups and crunches later and I was spent. My Abs are still hurting! Here’s to turning my mini-keg into a 6pack. After the workout I was beat! I came home and watched biggest loser in bed and fell asleep before I could find out who got kicked off, Guess I will have to go check that out. After my nap, Jason and I headed over to our friends house Andrew and Katie. Katie is always an awesome chef/host. We arrived to a beautiful spread of cheese and crackers. We cracked a bottle of wine and played with their 3 month old baby girl Isabella. Prime rib was on the menu and it was amazing! Katie also made home made sorbet to finish it off. All in all a delicious meal. It was great to hang with friends.

Today-I am exhausted but we have one more fun outing this evening. Well it is more of an inning… if you can call it that. My best friend, Andrew, is coming over for dinner and drinks. I am on a roll with drinking 3 nights in a row hehe. The good thing is that I have kept my cool most of the time and have only slightly had to pay for it in the morning. Jason is helping me making dinner and putting the chicken in the oven as we speak. (he is my personal chef) I am going to pick up some fresh veggies on the way home to make a salad and some roasted veggies! I am really excited and I am pretty sure I am sticking to my calorie goal…Somewhat.

Workout- Today is my day off training, I will be going home and doing my push-up challenge before the bestie arrives.

I will be back tomorrow to tell you have to chicken turned out and give you my workout update. Happy monday folks! (I am soo ready to be on another day of the week)



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