Hello all my fabulous people! I am writing again hooray! I keep saying that I am going to get  back into my blog and I have yet to get into it. Well I am giving it another go, I mean hey it is 2011 and we are all going to die next year anyways whats the worst that could happen?

Update time

I am still struggling with headaches, I have messed with my food and caffeine enough to realize I am not sure exactly what it is.(duh I never did!) I started day 1 of no coffee or caffeinated tea, except the occasional green tea in the afternoon. I have been feeling slightly off all day. I made a doctor’s appointment and I am hoping they can shed some light instead of pump me full of drugs…but at this point…Drugs Please!

Triathlon training is going great! I have had a few setbacks with injuries and family but this is life, there is never going to be the perfect training week. I am going to miss workouts, I am doing my best and getting stronger and that is what matters.

I started the weightloss wagon again, Instead of having this be a weight loss blog I will have it be my life blog. I of course will talk about weight loss, as it is a part of my life, but it will not revolve around food and exercise. But, I will make sure to clue you in on some awesome recipes and workouts as they happen. I am calling this Day 1 of everything, I am going to fight my hardest to be the best me.

Workouts for the week

Sunday- Run in the rain with strength training Video (Jillian Michaels Kicked my butt!)

Monday- Elliptical with pushup challenge

Tuesday- took the Day off

Wednesday- Warmup and core with the team/pushup challenge

Thursday- Run Run RUn! I did interval training at the gym.

Friday- Day off/push up challenge (too much to do)

Saturday- Bike ride and Run

Sunday- Swim and Run

Sounds like a pretty busy week right? I am taking an extra day off this week because I need it. I want to be able to do 6 days a week regularly but today I am just going to do my push-up challenge. I started the one hundred push-up challenge this week and I am feeling really strong!

Weight Lost/Gained


Yay! I lost 1.5 of the holiday pounds I gained. I am on a roll!

Tonight Jason and I are going to take care of some chores and relax before my busy workout weekend. I am looking at recipes for the sweet potatoes that have been close to growing eyes and staring at me for a week.  I am really excited about the bike ride/run for tomorrow since I planned it with the awesome Adryon. We will be biking for 90-120 minutes then quickly transition to a 15 minute run. I will hopefully have an update and pics from the ride tomorrow to show you all! I am going to at least say hi every day, I need to be accountable to myself and all of you. Have a great day and please feel free to comment/encourage me if you like hehe I need it right now!



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