Feel the Burn

So maybe I didn’t have the weights like this lovely lady. But on Wedneday night at training we did squats and lunges after our run. Granted I understand that after not working out for 5 consecutive days I was due to be a little sore but my thighs are burning right now! I have a hard time sitting down to use the bathroom right now, and if you know me this has been a painful day. I pushed myself and went and did my swim last night. I felt amazing during the swim but apparently my muscles are worse for the ware. I missed my spin class this morning at 5:45am because I was up most of the night due to my poor sick boyfriend. I spent most of the wee hours of the night wishing I could just sleep through the coughing but to no avail. Unfortunately there is not a spin class tonight, and I do not feel like swimming again. I am debating what kind of workout I will do this evening to keep up with my triathlon training for Lavaman in Hawaii. I am more than excited about this event!

Today has been a good day even thought I have been tired most of the day. I am thinking I will go to the gym and just do a little elliptical to stretch out my muscles, we will see how far I get once I get home. Maybe after a nap I will have more energy….Not likely hehe. Well have a great weekend everyone!


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