Clothing obsession Part 1

I am pretty sure this will be a multi-part event that goes on for the rest of my life so I might as well have it in separate parts. I originally started blogging about clothes and clothes alone. I would scout out the newest designs by Calvin and Ralph and come at peeps with my fab ideas. Well that didn’t seem to go over as well as I was hoping so I will have to give this up in doses. Lately I have been obsessed with dresses over tights. I look at them on other girls and want to be her. Well no more! I bought one sweater dress a few weeks ago and plan to go shopping this weekend for nothing that “works” with jeans. Why is it that we get so engulfed in jeans? I read a fashion book that stated ” a true fashionista does not wear jeans, Ever!” I wanted to take this to heart but it is so hard. I have now decided that I am not going to buy any more jeans until next season. (That would be Winter again actually if you are into fashion and know that the next season comes out at the beginning of the last hehe Fashion Joke) I hereby state that I will buy skirts dresses and wear them more often. I mean why not show off this rocking bod that I work so hard for? I know I should be showing you guys pictures of awesome clothing but I unfortunately do not have the time to do it. So hey why don’t you pick out all the awesome things you want me to wear and post them here?? Sound good? Have a great weekend! Toodles.


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