Half Marathon Honey!

This right peeps, I did my first half marathon Sunday November 14th. I did the Big Sur Half Marathon, which was actually located in Monterey. The  course was mostly the course I did for my Triathlon. I guess my fitness cherry liked this location for its popping.

We Started off the trip going down to Monterey to pick up our race packet. We were famished by the time we finished the Race Expo. We wandered around Monterey looking for somewhere to eat. We ended up stopping at a Brittish style Pub because the CAL game was on. My girlfriend Emily is a CAL junkie so we had to appease her needs.

I look happy but the food was not that great 😦

After eating we went to our hostel where we were staying  for the night. Mind you this was my first ever experience in a hostel. I am used to going to Hotels and staying in rooms that have bathrooms. It was a little strange sharing a room with 8 other people. Technically we were sharing a room with 16 people because there was a sheet dividing the room. Apparently sound travels through sheets easily because we were told to hush up at 9PM, even though quite hours are not until 1o. Sleeping did not go too well, I was too juiced for the race and I felt really hot in the little bunk bed I was in. We woke up at 5am to get an early start on breakfast and gear up for our race!

We finished our breakfast and headed down for the 1mile walk to the race. It was a beautiful morning and it was great to get a little warm-up in before the race. We even stopped and enjoyed the view a little before the run.

The course was beautiful! We had a great time. A huge congrats to all my friends who did this race, even if I didn’t see you you were in my thoughts! (Margo and Christina) Bonnie did so great on her first Half Marathon! It was great to see everyone doing their best. The Emilies and I all ran the race together. We did it on a 9:1 run walk pace. I finished the race in 2:40:04! Pretty good for a first timer! 😉

I am happy to say that this weekend was a complete success! I loved every minute of it and I can not wait to do another race! I plan to do the Turkey trot Thanksgiving morning. I am so thankful for running and fitness in my life. Why not celebrate it on thanksgiving? Anyone interested in running a 10k with me???



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