MIA anyone?

Hey there friends! I know I have been MIA for a while and not like the awesome band ( bad joke?). I can give you so many excuses but I am not going to sink that low. The main reason I have not been blogging is time, I have not had much time in the evenings, well I guess I just have to steal Jay’s laptop and make time! If not for me then for the poor kitty. I also have not had a whole lot of amazing things going on lately as far as food, fitness or fashion is concerned. I know you all are ding to hear about my super fun life, but lately it was a little stagnant. I hurt my back after doing a 10 mile run in the rain. I then proceeded to get sick. Finally, I have been working with a nutritionist and eating like a rabbit. A skinny rabbit, that still eats meat but a rabbit nonetheless. I wanted to update you guys on what has been going on with me!

  • I have had no new pictures taken because my camera broke 😦 insert ultimate sad face here this is a major downer as far as the blog goes, I really want my blog to thrive on awesomeness and I feel that pictures are necessary.
  • Dealing with sickness is not the business, I hate being sick or in any kind of pain. It makes me want to crawl up into a little ball and eat bon bons. (MMMMmmm Bon Bon’s I don’t even know if they makes these anymore.) As I was dealing with pains in all different parts of my body it is hard to focus on my bloggedy blog.
  • This new food plan is a lot of work. It is not exciting  food that I want to take pictures of, I hate to say it but I had to kind of remove myself from the food addiction. I honestly am having a hard time even reading the food blogs I used to love because I know it will be a long time before I can eat any of the yummy foods they post on there. I know this is for a good cause, my own body, so I am pushing through it and living vicariously through the food blogs when I can handle drooling at my desk.
  • Marathon training has come to an end because my race is here this Sunday! Hooray….Well kind of. I have had a hard time getting my runs in these past few weeks but we are implementing an awesome run/walk schedule so we will be more than fine. ( Hey! I just did my first triathlon ever September 11th, so give me a break 😉
  • Triathlon training! What is up with that goodness?? We had an awesome mixer on Friday, with all the Tri peeps, and I am soo juiced for this season! We have a great dedicated staff I can not wait to kick it with…. New homies for sure! I start my training today, officially our first day was yesterday, but I was not feeling so hot and needed to chill a little more. I plan to get a good run in this evening for both my marathon and triathlon training.
  • Food Love! I love food so much, I have been able to cope with the no oatmeal for breakfast and eating mainly veggies and eggs for breakfast, somewhat ok but I do have to say I miss breads and the such. I know that it is better for me, but Dang it! I love food. I am allowed one cheat meal a week, I am sure that will soon be the highlight of my blog.

I miss you guys! Even though I only had 1 or 2 people comment on this blog, I had a few readers and that means so much to me. Apparently enough for my to think I am not good enough to keep going if I can’t find the time to make it super awesome! I am going to make an effort to get back into doing this regularly. Especially with training officially starting I want to chat about all this stuff.

Peace and Chicken grease my loves!!


2 Comments to “MIA anyone?”

  1. Hi! Hello bunny!! How are you doing with Amy?!! I started with her too this week. I have to eat MORE!!!

    Super proud of you!!! Not sure if my knee is going to hold up this weekend. :-/ Hurts again from Sat bike ride.

    • Hey Nicole! I am doing good. The Food adjustments are just that, Adjustments I have to work on. It is working as far as headaches go and I have lost 3lbs already! Very exciting stuff. I have been dealing with back pain and a cold, I am hoping I do ok at the race. Good luck with your nutrition as well! We can do this and be the healthiest bunnies ever!

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