Nutrition Love and then some.

Well today is a very exciting day. You might ask me,” Aly, Why is this such an exciting day?” Ohhh don’t worry I am about to tell you! I made an appointment with a nutritionist. I am very excited to have everything looked at, as far as my diet goes and get some tips and a food plan developed. This does not mean that I am going to A. Completely change my diet for the next few days to make it look better. or B. Fall completely off the healthy eating wagon and eat as much food as I possibly can. I do have these slight worries about going out to eat with friends this weekend and how I am going to battle it. I just need to stand my ground and  be healthy and happy the whole time. I am going to let myself have a few drinks but not in overabundance. Most of all I am going to focus on trying to stay in my calorie goal. This has been a challenge for me lately, and I am not seeing much progress on my weight loss plan since I have been slacking. But I think this appointment is just the thing I need to kick my butt into shape, as far as eating right goes.

Another exciting thing about today…. The Giants are kicking Ass! I am a new giants fan and they are doing me proud this season hehe. (Thanks Andrew) I work right next to the stadium and the whole office has been in an uproar, we even had a hot dog lunch party to celebrate. Let me tell you that the hot dogs were having their own party in my stomach and it did not go over too well hehe.

Halloween is just around the  corner and Jason and I are trying to figure out what to be! We have a few parties to go to so this should be interesting. Well this is my update and I plan to use this blog to talk more about my nutrition needs and my  triathlon challenges! Wish me luck on this journey of life!

Blog Fun Question:

What are you going to be for Halloween?


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