Let the balancing act begin.

So as I mentioned before things are  getting pretty intense for me. I have been pretty busy with work and getting back into a regular workout schedule. I also have been not documenting my food in pictures lately, it is very hard to find time to put the pictures up when I am super tired most of the time. I will keep adding pictures when I can find time and when training hits I will talk a lot about training for my 2nd Triathlon.

First things first!

As much as I want to say that I don’t think this behavior is obsessive I can not say that I am not somewhat obsessed with fitness and food. Fashion comes in a very close third. There has been much talk about food and healthy living blogs, and if they are healthy for readers/writers. There was an article about it in Marie Claire, if you are interested check it out here. I recently became an avid blog reader of these blogs, they inspired me to start my own blog to help me be accountable and check in at least weekly. I can not decide if this article is stating more facts than skewed ideas personally. But I can say that I feel better when I write it down, I am able to slightly get away from it. I think everyone is battling their own demons and if writing/reading blogs about other people battling the same demons  can be helpful. This is not to say that it cannot also be harmful. As the days go on, and the food blogs continue ,I have decided to not let the pictures of food overtake me. I will still write down what I have eaten in my own food journal but not obsess about putting it on here. If I happen to have a great meal, and I really want to take pictures and show everyone I will. Lets all realize why we are here, to truly enjoy life in any way possible.

Triathlon Love!

Today I am going to a Team in Training Info meeting to help recruit people for the Lavaman Triathlon that I am mentoring for! I am very excited! This morning I was talking to Jason(my love) and I was asking him of this is something I should be doing. I am dedicating a lot of my time to TNT, and It is not free. But, after we discussed it, I came to a conclusion. I am doing this for love. I am doing this because it makes me happy to help people and to workout. I love meeting new people and I love being involved. Maybe I won’t have as much free time. But hey, I thrive on this kind of stuff 😉


Fashion Freakout!

I was finally able to make it to the mall a week ago and I got some cute sweaters and a few tanks. I still feel like my closet needs some serious updating! I am trying not to freakout but I really want to shop. I have been saving up some money for it and I think at this next pay period I will really have some pictures to show you guys of all my fashion finds! Let me just say I am already juiced about being able to have some new clothes.

The end

Well this is what is happening now, I am going to blog maybe once a day about interesting things in food, fashion or fitness. I am not going to let it slip by just because I don’t have a new pic to show. Lets just call it more of an article with occasion pictures.I hope you will keep reading my journey.


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