Tamale Salad

Food Talk!

Last night was a very easy dinner night, Jason and I went to the store after he picked me up from BART. I was coming home from a run, with my dear friend Emily and a few other buddies that I met at Team in Training this summer.  We grabbed some groceries which included a Spaghetti Squash and a rotiserrie chicken. The chicken won the battle of what to have for dinner, since I had some leftover Quinoa and veggies in the fridge. I didn’t do dessert because frankly I was exhausted and pretty full.

Today I was hungry when I woke up and I wanted something I haven’t had in a while.

This oldie but goodie is some Kashi (good friends) cereal, with a Banana chopped up inside and a cup of Almond milk to milkify this yummy bowl. It did hold me over for a little but but I do have to say it doesn’t come close to its friend oatmeal. I have lost my oatmeal love lately and have been turning to green monsters and other fun breakfast experiments. But don’t worry oatmeal I will come back to you in good time.

I snacked on an apple and some sprouted almonds before lunch.

This morning I realized that I forgot my chicken for my chicken salad! I also didn’t bring any dressing. But I was crafty and remebered I had some frozen tamales in the freezer at work and some salsa.

Debuting the Tamale Salad!

The Gredes

  • – Mixed greens
  • -1 bell Pepper
  • Gorgonzola Crumbles
  • 1 tamale
  • salsa

This actually turned out to be a very tasty salad! I was impressed with myself for coming up with this mix and having the balls to try it. Lets hope dinner goes just as smashing! Dinner today is going to be Spaghetti Squash and home made meatballs! Maybe Jason will make some yummy garlic bread to accompany it. Yumm! I need to look up a recipe stat!

Lets get serious for a second….

Lately I have been on a “Vacation” from eating good and being on track with working out like I used to. I have gained a little weight since starting my triathlon, partially because I was justifying that I could eat so much food because I was working out so much. The truth is that I am not happy with my body right now. I know I can be for fit and trim and feel great most of the time. I am getting back in that mindset and I am not going to let training this winter give me excuses for eating lots of food. I want to focus on eating healthy meals that I make at home more. I would love to feel super confident going into my triathlon in Hawaii this April. I have about 6 months to get there and I know it can be done. I am determined to get down to 155. I will check in with you guys once a week and let you know my progress. Right now I am just trying to not let it get to me that I back tracked a bit. I am healthy and I am fit, I just know I can get smaller and be happier with my body. Operation Hawaiian Bikini Beach Body is in full effect! Pictures to come of the current Bod.

Lets have a great Thursday everyone!!


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