Amazingness all around.

To start things off I am so excited that I am going to be a mentor this winter season for Team In Training going to Lavaman!! I competed in my first Triathlon this summer at The Pacific Grove Triathlon in Monterey, CA; and completely fell in love with team in training and triathlons.  You will be hearing a lot about this season and seeing lots of pictures of me training and hopefully getting a little smaller to sport my bikini in Hawaii!

“Gonna go back in Tiime”

Yesterday was somewhat of a crazy day. I was feeling stressed and slightly depressed and it was just not going well. Sounds like a regular monday right? Well my lunch was somewhat uneventful as I had chicken and cauliflower. I didn’t like the picture so I didn’t post it (don’t worry the day gets better.) I took a little break at work and went for a walk.

You see, I don’t usually never leave my  desk. I usually eat at my desk and sit here most of the day. This is not very good for your mental health! I have decided that I really need to get out of the office at least 1 time a day because it can be very beautiful in San Francisco.

I live right next to this amazing  view!

After my walk and decompression, I felt much better.

I came home from work and Jason and I headed straight to the gym! He went to the Elliptical while I went and swam in a beautiful pool! This was my perfect swim! Saline pool, hardly anyone around…I felt like a fish gliding in the water. I did a good 35 minutes, almost a mile and felt fantastic! When Jason and I got home we decided, “Hey, Screw making dinner, lets go out!” and so we did!


We went to Toomie’s Thai in Alameda. Since we live in a smallish town and we can walk to all the restaurants we usually stick to what is close. This was a 3 block walk or so, and it was still a good 85 degrees outside so it was really nice! We sat down and proceeded to order.

Two Ice Cold beers

Fresh Rolls

Spicy Beef Salad

And Spicy Shrimp Stir Fry

The Stirfry was by far the best dish we had that night. I barely touched the salad because unfortunately it was not that great. The freshrolls are always good but I have had better at other Thai Restaurants. I now have to say that I wish another Thai restaurant would open up in Alameda so we can enjoy the wonderful things Thai has to offer. I don’t think I will come back here any time soon 😦 sorry Toomie’s but your out!

We then proceeded to Tuckers where I ordered a delish scoop of pumpkin Ice cream! Too good to photograph sorry fans! I do have to say that I think I am going to purchase the pumpkin ice cream soon but right now a half gallon ice cream in the freezer is not a good idea. He He!

I am so thrilled about today it is hard to contain myself, I had a great night with my Jason(even if the food was so so), and today I got great news about being a Mentor and I am going to the giants game tonight! We are grabbing dinner at somewhere awesome and I will have pics to show tomorrow! Have a great day!


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  1. Congrats on becoming a mentor!!!

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