Monday=Doing things Buddha Style!

Buddha looks sad :(

This is my new philosophy, Mondays should be only there to help you decompress from the last week. I am now going to detach all the negative energy from the universe and throw it in a hole and bury it! Wow this sounds like anger…Buddha doesn’t get angry, does he? I don’t know, but I would like to find out why it seems I have these schizophrenic feelings that can’t make up their mind on happy or sad.  I am sure you are thinking this doesn’t seem very food, fitness or fashion related. Well let me tell you how I think this is all tying into my crazy little mind!

Food: I have not had time or energy to cook new recipes lately. It makes me sad, and I feel like I am just eating to live instead of living to eat amazing food. I take great pride in the fact that I like to find recipes and cook them when I have the time. Jason does do most of the cooking but I want to change that and try new healthy recipes. I have been reading tons of blogs about food and it makes me want to branch out.

Fitness: Since my Triathlon, I have been giving myself a little slack. I have been working out maybe 2-3 days a week the past 2 weeks. I know this is not something to freak out about, it just bums me out when I have no time to put towards the gym and my health.

Fashion: I have not been able to go shopping for far too long. I have a love of clothing and even just being in stores. I did get a pair of sunglasses mailed to me today that I ordered a week ago, but it is not the same. I also made the mistake of going to that ultra skinny store H&M. I know I can fit in their stuff if I go up 2 sizes but i really don’t want to. Also I feel that their clothes are just not for me. Enough said. I will not give myself a pity party about pants not fitting anymore! I refuse to let the pity pants party get the best of me!

So this is a new commitment to myself

I promise to myself to not let things bother me for more than necessary. Nothing is set in stone, live is always changing and there is always going to be another meal, another pair of pants, and a new day. I will not let things like my pants fitting tigher determine how I feel about myself. Just because I am not as fit as I was a few weeks ago, I can still get right back there before I know it. Laugh, I want to laugh at least 100 times a day, and cry not nearly as often. I want all these things to come to be wrapped in a pretty package with a big bow on it saying For: Aly, From: Aly. I know these things are nog going to come from anything but myself and a healthy mindset. I can and I wil make this journey to a healthy mind and soul.

Starting this evening I will be better about picture of my meals and other fun things. This is a blog right? This blog is about fashion, food and Fitness which are all amazing things that make us smile!

Question: Do you ever feel that  things put your life on hold? How do you deal with feeling stressed?


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