Cruising SF and Alameda!

I was going to start writing about the food I ate and the thoughts I had throughout the day but the realized this is much more interesting. This is my night out to the oyster bar with a few of my best  friends. I am realizing that life is short and time is precious so I need to hang out with my friends, family and loved ones whenever I get the chance. And, if an oyster bar or two seem to happen during the process, I say yes please! I was getting super juiced just thinking about going here during work. I couldn’t stop looking at the clock, go faster time! Now! Then it was time for me to head down the Embarcadero to the Ferry Building in the beatiful San Francisco Bay that I life in. The rest is history….all blogged here.

We started at the Market Bar in SF. I have been here before and it is pretty good for the dollar oysters, My cute pink cocktail was pretty yummy but for the price I would have to say this place is only decent.

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We then migrated to Pier 23. This bar/restaurant was really  cute! We had a few beers and this yummy artichoke appitizer.


We had to leave to catch the ferry. We searched the SF city streets for a cab. There was no cab in sight! when it hit 8:20 and the ferry was coming at 8:25 I decided to run. My friends cheered me on as I barely caught the guy closing the doors and told him I had 2 friends with me. He said he only saw me! They came around the corner and he let us through the gate. Then I got on the boat and realized the workers were taking the walkway from the port away! I told no wait I have two friends. Luckily they made it just in time. It was a close call! So we had a beer to celebrate 🙂

Ash and Drew!

The shinanigans only contined when we made it to Alameda and went to Lucky 13; my local and favorite bar. We ordered the fried hotdog, the stromboli and some other fried yummy thing. We ate it all to quick for pics and after a few beers I kinda forgot 🙂 Tonight will be another night of food and mayhem with my favorite friends. Check back Friends!


One Comment to “Cruising SF and Alameda!”

  1. Aly, thank god. That was an amazing evening. I’m thankful that all your training has paid off otherwise we might have been stuck pandering in the city. Lol Your blog is great and I agree. Time is short and not to mention valuable. Treasure every moment and treat the present as one.
    Excited for mojitos, have a great day at work and remember: take you eyes off the clock. Hahahaha….

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