Dinner Recap, Breakfast and funtime weekend! Holla atcha Gurrrllll!

Happy Friday Blog Fans! I hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend as much as I am. I am oober juiced to get out of town this weekend! But for now lets get to the hot and meaty. That’s right lets talk about my workouts and food lusts!

Last night Jason and I went to the gym after dropping off laundry at the wash and fold. I am hoping and praying, that my clothes do not get destroyed and I have to go fight the girls at the cleaners. I mean I could take them to the cleaners!(get it? Bad joke I know) I had packed my bag for the gym, ready to do some lifting and swimming. I was walking up the cobblestone steps, digging through my leopard print workout bag, thinking this could not be, say it isn’t so grandma! But yes, to my despair, I forgot my goggles! I was so heart broken it almost ruined my workout for the night, I was making sad faces all around and Jason called me a baby.  After my pity party I sucked it up and we did a little workout routines; 10 minute cardio warm up on the bike then onto the weights.

  • Standard push ups (girl for me, I am hoping to get on my toes soon)
  • Diamond push ups
  • 100 bicycle crunches
  • 3 sets on both sides of one armed shoulder lift leaning on bench 10lb weights
  • 3 sets bicep curls

I was pretty exhausted after that and I did not have a proper sports bra  ( I was literally wearing my swimsuit under my warm up outfit, talk about stinky swimwear and not enough support! :P)

We went to TJ’s to grab some stuff for dinner. I was so indecisive looking at stuff. First I wanted meat, then I only wanted veggies, then I wanted a burger. The Burger won the battle. It was a extra lean turkey, and some would argue that this is not a real burger burger, But this burger was F*cking amazing! I don’t have the exact recipe because my loving boyfriend Jason made it for me 🙂 I love my BF, who cooks for me all the time and doesn’t seem to mind when the Hungry Hulk Aly comes out. “Me Hungry Me Need Food NOW!!!” I know I sound something like this but I don’t turn green, but that might change from all the monster drinks 😉

Here is a pic of the beautiful Feta Burger.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I went to bed shortly after the yummy burger and tried not to think about going over my calories for the day. I am determined to make it back down to my lowest weight and lose another 10lbs on top of that. I did however have some more strange dreams about babies and beer…Not sure where that correlation came from, but lets just say it was slightly disturbing.

I love this glass!

This morning was another monster morning as you can see in the photo above. I added some cherry berry medley so it turned a little more brown than green but it was just as delish. I also found out that two of my  training buddies have made the Monster Morning challange their own! Lets hear it for the Green Monster Movement!

Today I am wrapping my mind around an Eggplant wrap for lunch. I might take this weekend off working out since my muscles are still pretty sore, and I think they need time to recover. I am going to a wedding this weekend as well, so I might not be back in the  blogging world until Monday. I hope everyone has a happy and healthy weekend!

P.S. For all my fashion fans who are wondering why I have not touched on that yet….I have had no time to actually get out there and shop. Let me tell you I am dying to wrap my hands around cashmere, and fall all over the place with the fall colors this season. But for now, I am salivating over the designer trends from my computer screen. If you are not yet a fan Hautelook, or Ideeli you are missing out!

Question of the day:

What are you doing this weekend that is fun? Do you have any plans to get out of town and relax? Maybe an awesome workout planned??


One Comment to “Dinner Recap, Breakfast and funtime weekend! Holla atcha Gurrrllll!”

  1. What am I doing for fun? Now that summer season is over I can finally go run with my Ladyz in the city (its a gay run group my friends run with), then a wedding (yuck, I am so over weddings) and then Sunday a run with the straight ladies at Lake Merritt, and then study all afternoon for a midterm.

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