Gelato Dessert and Green Monster for breakfast!

Last night after returning from the grueling 4 mile run, we went to an amazing taqueria, Cactus. I love this place because I used to come here when I lived in the Rockridge District of Oakland. Me and my running buddies  yummed down on some flipping tastic fish tacos! Sorry no pics, I didn’t have my camera after the run. I came home and cleaned the cat box(eww why was that the first thing I did when I got home?) and did some dishes. Then It was time for dessert! Jason and I pulled out some single serving gelato’s from the freezer.

MMMMmm Pistachio

They looked so cute together so I took another picture. Jason is also debuted in this picture, as he has decided to be in all my food pictures when he is home.

double time!

I slept like a baby after that run. Even though I was having some of the strangest dreams of flying cars, and random people getting married, and crashing house parties; I had a good nights sleep.

This morning on the other hand seemed to come way to fast. I believe I was jetting in my flying car when the alarm started yelling at me. I shut it off and said F-U alarm and went  back to sleep. I was then awakened by a cat party on my back. I crawled out of bed into the shower, feeling exhausted from that run last night. In my towel I started working on my Green Monster.

How much is too much spinach?

I thought to myself this is a serious amount of spinach. I am so hardcore now!

Blending was the next step



Gotta love the beer glass!

Then I was off to work.

Now I am sitting here typing this amazing post and I am so full! Something about the combo of greens, protein powder, flax seeds, and fruit was right today.


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