The Hunger Monster attacks!

I have been desperately trying to eat around 1400ish Calories a day on days that I am not working out. After my triathlon this Saturday, all I have wanted to do is shovel more and more food into my mouth. I let myself not care too much the day after the race but since then, I have having a hard time. I am focusing more on natural foods, and eating lots of veggies and fruit throughout the day. Still the hunger monster rears its ugly head every now and again. Today I decided to give in, especially since I have a run this evening, and eat a little more chicken breast and avocado as a snack. It is a surprisingly good snack, as I have tasted this meaty concoction before. Standing in the break room scarfing the chicken breast with avocado smeared over it I was thinking, what can I do to make these daily hunger cravings subside. I have cut back a lot on my starchy carbs, especially when I am not working out. Trust me I like to get down on a piece of bread just as much as the next girl. I can even taste it now, with its delicious soft middle and crackly crust ::Mouth Waters:: but I wanted to give this new diet a try since my coach suggested I focus more on veggies and hummus, or Avocado and veggies, or veggies and veggies! I swear I am going to turn into a vegetable by the end of the week! A big, leafy, green veggie, and I am sure I would still be hungry! Tomorrow I will pack some peanut butter with celery in hopes that will keep the hunger monster at bay. Lets hope for a satisfying Thursday shall we.

What do you do when you get super hungry at work? Does this mean that I am bored at work and need to find something more entertaining? What does the hunger monster do when he is not bothering you?


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