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September 30, 2010

Tamale Salad

Food Talk!

Last night was a very easy dinner night, Jason and I went to the store after he picked me up from BART. I was coming home from a run, with my dear friend Emily and a few other buddies that I met at Team in Training this summer.  We grabbed some groceries which included a Spaghetti Squash and a rotiserrie chicken. The chicken won the battle of what to have for dinner, since I had some leftover Quinoa and veggies in the fridge. I didn’t do dessert because frankly I was exhausted and pretty full.

Today I was hungry when I woke up and I wanted something I haven’t had in a while.

This oldie but goodie is some Kashi (good friends) cereal, with a Banana chopped up inside and a cup of Almond milk to milkify this yummy bowl. It did hold me over for a little but but I do have to say it doesn’t come close to its friend oatmeal. I have lost my oatmeal love lately and have been turning to green monsters and other fun breakfast experiments. But don’t worry oatmeal I will come back to you in good time.

I snacked on an apple and some sprouted almonds before lunch.

This morning I realized that I forgot my chicken for my chicken salad! I also didn’t bring any dressing. But I was crafty and remebered I had some frozen tamales in the freezer at work and some salsa.

Debuting the Tamale Salad!

The Gredes

  • – Mixed greens
  • -1 bell Pepper
  • Gorgonzola Crumbles
  • 1 tamale
  • salsa

This actually turned out to be a very tasty salad! I was impressed with myself for coming up with this mix and having the balls to try it. Lets hope dinner goes just as smashing! Dinner today is going to be Spaghetti Squash and home made meatballs! Maybe Jason will make some yummy garlic bread to accompany it. Yumm! I need to look up a recipe stat!

Lets get serious for a second….

Lately I have been on a “Vacation” from eating good and being on track with working out like I used to. I have gained a little weight since starting my triathlon, partially because I was justifying that I could eat so much food because I was working out so much. The truth is that I am not happy with my body right now. I know I can be for fit and trim and feel great most of the time. I am getting back in that mindset and I am not going to let training this winter give me excuses for eating lots of food. I want to focus on eating healthy meals that I make at home more. I would love to feel super confident going into my triathlon in Hawaii this April. I have about 6 months to get there and I know it can be done. I am determined to get down to 155. I will check in with you guys once a week and let you know my progress. Right now I am just trying to not let it get to me that I back tracked a bit. I am healthy and I am fit, I just know I can get smaller and be happier with my body. Operation Hawaiian Bikini Beach Body is in full effect! Pictures to come of the current Bod.

Lets have a great Thursday everyone!!

September 28, 2010

Amazingness all around.

To start things off I am so excited that I am going to be a mentor this winter season for Team In Training going to Lavaman!! I competed in my first Triathlon this summer at The Pacific Grove Triathlon in Monterey, CA; and completely fell in love with team in training and triathlons.  You will be hearing a lot about this season and seeing lots of pictures of me training and hopefully getting a little smaller to sport my bikini in Hawaii!

“Gonna go back in Tiime”

Yesterday was somewhat of a crazy day. I was feeling stressed and slightly depressed and it was just not going well. Sounds like a regular monday right? Well my lunch was somewhat uneventful as I had chicken and cauliflower. I didn’t like the picture so I didn’t post it (don’t worry the day gets better.) I took a little break at work and went for a walk.

You see, I don’t usually never leave my  desk. I usually eat at my desk and sit here most of the day. This is not very good for your mental health! I have decided that I really need to get out of the office at least 1 time a day because it can be very beautiful in San Francisco.

I live right next to this amazing  view!

After my walk and decompression, I felt much better.

I came home from work and Jason and I headed straight to the gym! He went to the Elliptical while I went and swam in a beautiful pool! This was my perfect swim! Saline pool, hardly anyone around…I felt like a fish gliding in the water. I did a good 35 minutes, almost a mile and felt fantastic! When Jason and I got home we decided, “Hey, Screw making dinner, lets go out!” and so we did!


We went to Toomie’s Thai in Alameda. Since we live in a smallish town and we can walk to all the restaurants we usually stick to what is close. This was a 3 block walk or so, and it was still a good 85 degrees outside so it was really nice! We sat down and proceeded to order.

Two Ice Cold beers

Fresh Rolls

Spicy Beef Salad

And Spicy Shrimp Stir Fry

The Stirfry was by far the best dish we had that night. I barely touched the salad because unfortunately it was not that great. The freshrolls are always good but I have had better at other Thai Restaurants. I now have to say that I wish another Thai restaurant would open up in Alameda so we can enjoy the wonderful things Thai has to offer. I don’t think I will come back here any time soon 😦 sorry Toomie’s but your out!

We then proceeded to Tuckers where I ordered a delish scoop of pumpkin Ice cream! Too good to photograph sorry fans! I do have to say that I think I am going to purchase the pumpkin ice cream soon but right now a half gallon ice cream in the freezer is not a good idea. He He!

I am so thrilled about today it is hard to contain myself, I had a great night with my Jason(even if the food was so so), and today I got great news about being a Mentor and I am going to the giants game tonight! We are grabbing dinner at somewhere awesome and I will have pics to show tomorrow! Have a great day!

September 27, 2010

Monday=Doing things Buddha Style!

Buddha looks sad :(

This is my new philosophy, Mondays should be only there to help you decompress from the last week. I am now going to detach all the negative energy from the universe and throw it in a hole and bury it! Wow this sounds like anger…Buddha doesn’t get angry, does he? I don’t know, but I would like to find out why it seems I have these schizophrenic feelings that can’t make up their mind on happy or sad.  I am sure you are thinking this doesn’t seem very food, fitness or fashion related. Well let me tell you how I think this is all tying into my crazy little mind!

Food: I have not had time or energy to cook new recipes lately. It makes me sad, and I feel like I am just eating to live instead of living to eat amazing food. I take great pride in the fact that I like to find recipes and cook them when I have the time. Jason does do most of the cooking but I want to change that and try new healthy recipes. I have been reading tons of blogs about food and it makes me want to branch out.

Fitness: Since my Triathlon, I have been giving myself a little slack. I have been working out maybe 2-3 days a week the past 2 weeks. I know this is not something to freak out about, it just bums me out when I have no time to put towards the gym and my health.

Fashion: I have not been able to go shopping for far too long. I have a love of clothing and even just being in stores. I did get a pair of sunglasses mailed to me today that I ordered a week ago, but it is not the same. I also made the mistake of going to that ultra skinny store H&M. I know I can fit in their stuff if I go up 2 sizes but i really don’t want to. Also I feel that their clothes are just not for me. Enough said. I will not give myself a pity party about pants not fitting anymore! I refuse to let the pity pants party get the best of me!

So this is a new commitment to myself

I promise to myself to not let things bother me for more than necessary. Nothing is set in stone, live is always changing and there is always going to be another meal, another pair of pants, and a new day. I will not let things like my pants fitting tigher determine how I feel about myself. Just because I am not as fit as I was a few weeks ago, I can still get right back there before I know it. Laugh, I want to laugh at least 100 times a day, and cry not nearly as often. I want all these things to come to be wrapped in a pretty package with a big bow on it saying For: Aly, From: Aly. I know these things are nog going to come from anything but myself and a healthy mindset. I can and I wil make this journey to a healthy mind and soul.

Starting this evening I will be better about picture of my meals and other fun things. This is a blog right? This blog is about fashion, food and Fitness which are all amazing things that make us smile!

Question: Do you ever feel that  things put your life on hold? How do you deal with feeling stressed?

September 24, 2010

Cruising SF and Alameda!

I was going to start writing about the food I ate and the thoughts I had throughout the day but the realized this is much more interesting. This is my night out to the oyster bar with a few of my best  friends. I am realizing that life is short and time is precious so I need to hang out with my friends, family and loved ones whenever I get the chance. And, if an oyster bar or two seem to happen during the process, I say yes please! I was getting super juiced just thinking about going here during work. I couldn’t stop looking at the clock, go faster time! Now! Then it was time for me to head down the Embarcadero to the Ferry Building in the beatiful San Francisco Bay that I life in. The rest is history….all blogged here.

We started at the Market Bar in SF. I have been here before and it is pretty good for the dollar oysters, My cute pink cocktail was pretty yummy but for the price I would have to say this place is only decent.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We then migrated to Pier 23. This bar/restaurant was really  cute! We had a few beers and this yummy artichoke appitizer.


We had to leave to catch the ferry. We searched the SF city streets for a cab. There was no cab in sight! when it hit 8:20 and the ferry was coming at 8:25 I decided to run. My friends cheered me on as I barely caught the guy closing the doors and told him I had 2 friends with me. He said he only saw me! They came around the corner and he let us through the gate. Then I got on the boat and realized the workers were taking the walkway from the port away! I told no wait I have two friends. Luckily they made it just in time. It was a close call! So we had a beer to celebrate 🙂

Ash and Drew!

The shinanigans only contined when we made it to Alameda and went to Lucky 13; my local and favorite bar. We ordered the fried hotdog, the stromboli and some other fried yummy thing. We ate it all to quick for pics and after a few beers I kinda forgot 🙂 Tonight will be another night of food and mayhem with my favorite friends. Check back Friends!

September 22, 2010

Curry, strawberry fields forever…

I was searching for a clever name, and this is the best one I could come up with. This blog is coming a little later than I was hoping since I did not have my pictures loaded up this morning as I had planned. I swear this is how my morning goes, ” Jason!!! Can you make the damn Computer work?!?!,” Jason Replies, “well what is the problem?” It isn’t working I just told you! GRRRR.

I then had to get ready to leave so I was unable to post the amazing pics of the Curry soup with Cauliflower and Zucchini when I wanted to so here it is now. Enjoy!

Coconut Curry Soup

  • 1 14oz can coconut milk
  • 3 cups cauliflower florets
  • 3 small zucchinis
  • 1 box low sodium vegetable broth
  • a little ginger
  • a splash of fish sauce
  • salt and pepper
  • 1 tablespoon Curry powder
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice

This soup was mighty tasty but I do think it was missing something…maybe some fresh cilantro would have done it? We made some curry Pita wedges as well just a little olive oil on them and curry powder, and threw them in the oven on broil for a few minutes. One thing is for sure, this meal made me full pretty quick. After dinner it was time to watch Glee!! I love the show Glee! I am so glad that it is back with it’s new season.

Fast forward to this morning:

I started off the day with my usual Green monster, minus the banana because I need to get more. Then off to work and had my snack around 10:30- a cold apple* yum*. Then lunch time rolled around, and I made a yummy salad for lunch.

Awesome Salad #1

  • chicken breast
  • spring mix
  • strawberries
  • poppyseed dressing
  • cucumber
  • avocado

This was super yummy at work. I always have coworkers mugging my salad all jealous. It makes me smile 🙂 Just another day at the peanut gallery today!

Snack time today was a chocolate frenzy!!

I love chocolate!!!!! So I was craving some and the only chocolate I had access to at the time was a snickers bar. Now I am not one to eat “standard” chocolate. I always get the finest of the finest and truly enjoy. Well I have to say that I did enjoy my ghetto snickers bar because I was craving it, and man when you need you just need it! Ya feel me? Later as the work day went on we had a goodies delivery go around. Fresh chocolate chocolate cookies were in my face! How do I say no? I don’t I just take a tiny piece. So I think my chocolate craving is good for the day and man am I happy that I am running tonight to get some exercise, and burn some cals!

September 21, 2010

Living the Buddha Life…


Whenever I start getting stressed or worried about life, I always think back to my Eastern Philosophies class, and imagine what would Buddha do in this situation. Being in a world absent of too much thought or attachment must have been nice; but the road to enchantment was very long and windy with many obstacles on the way. I know that when adopting these beliefs one works towards this life of enlightenment. I was never fully committed to being a Buddhist but I do believe in the philosophy. If I could rid myself of attachments I know my life would be a much simpler life. I also need to stop thinking so much, especially of things that I have no control over. Buddha would have some strong words for me regarding these thoughts. Especially when these thoughts inevitably lead to bad feelings. When the mind is completely unattached the heart can finally breathe. I want my heart to breathe, but first I need to teach my lungs to do that before the stress starts to eat at my soul.

I am trying not to be negative but this is how I am feeling and what I am thinking about today. I am going to change my energy right now and refocus my energy on my meals and fitness this week.

Meals today


  • Green Monster smoothie


Leftover home made rosemary turkey Vegetable soup soup – a slight variation to this recipe.

In order to change my current train of thought I am going to list some things I am happy about because the Buddha would want me to focus on happy things.

  • After having an off weekend I did get back on track with healthy things yesterday- home made turkey soup, and veggie omelet was the most of what I ate yesterday since I was not feeling so hot.
  • Made my green monster this morning and already feeling good.
  • My loving boyfriend who is always there for me even when I am acting a little crazy.
  • My amazing friends who I can never get enough of.
  • My body for not letting me down for my Triathlon, and teaching me lessons about what I can and can not handle.
  • My beautiful home, even though it is messy it is my own.
  • My two cats, they can be annoying but I am happy to have them in my life.
  • My job, it might not be the best in the world but it gives me hope for the future.
  • My drive of life.
  • My love of fitness.

The list really could go on and on. Lets all remember the things in life that are really worth living. Try to not sweat the small stuff and believe in love.

September 17, 2010

Dinner Recap, Breakfast and funtime weekend! Holla atcha Gurrrllll!

Happy Friday Blog Fans! I hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend as much as I am. I am oober juiced to get out of town this weekend! But for now lets get to the hot and meaty. That’s right lets talk about my workouts and food lusts!

Last night Jason and I went to the gym after dropping off laundry at the wash and fold. I am hoping and praying, that my clothes do not get destroyed and I have to go fight the girls at the cleaners. I mean I could take them to the cleaners!(get it? Bad joke I know) I had packed my bag for the gym, ready to do some lifting and swimming. I was walking up the cobblestone steps, digging through my leopard print workout bag, thinking this could not be, say it isn’t so grandma! But yes, to my despair, I forgot my goggles! I was so heart broken it almost ruined my workout for the night, I was making sad faces all around and Jason called me a baby.  After my pity party I sucked it up and we did a little workout routines; 10 minute cardio warm up on the bike then onto the weights.

  • Standard push ups (girl for me, I am hoping to get on my toes soon)
  • Diamond push ups
  • 100 bicycle crunches
  • 3 sets on both sides of one armed shoulder lift leaning on bench 10lb weights
  • 3 sets bicep curls

I was pretty exhausted after that and I did not have a proper sports bra  ( I was literally wearing my swimsuit under my warm up outfit, talk about stinky swimwear and not enough support! :P)

We went to TJ’s to grab some stuff for dinner. I was so indecisive looking at stuff. First I wanted meat, then I only wanted veggies, then I wanted a burger. The Burger won the battle. It was a extra lean turkey, and some would argue that this is not a real burger burger, But this burger was F*cking amazing! I don’t have the exact recipe because my loving boyfriend Jason made it for me 🙂 I love my BF, who cooks for me all the time and doesn’t seem to mind when the Hungry Hulk Aly comes out. “Me Hungry Me Need Food NOW!!!” I know I sound something like this but I don’t turn green, but that might change from all the monster drinks 😉

Here is a pic of the beautiful Feta Burger.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I went to bed shortly after the yummy burger and tried not to think about going over my calories for the day. I am determined to make it back down to my lowest weight and lose another 10lbs on top of that. I did however have some more strange dreams about babies and beer…Not sure where that correlation came from, but lets just say it was slightly disturbing.

I love this glass!

This morning was another monster morning as you can see in the photo above. I added some cherry berry medley so it turned a little more brown than green but it was just as delish. I also found out that two of my  training buddies have made the Monster Morning challange their own! Lets hear it for the Green Monster Movement!

Today I am wrapping my mind around an Eggplant wrap for lunch. I might take this weekend off working out since my muscles are still pretty sore, and I think they need time to recover. I am going to a wedding this weekend as well, so I might not be back in the  blogging world until Monday. I hope everyone has a happy and healthy weekend!

P.S. For all my fashion fans who are wondering why I have not touched on that yet….I have had no time to actually get out there and shop. Let me tell you I am dying to wrap my hands around cashmere, and fall all over the place with the fall colors this season. But for now, I am salivating over the designer trends from my computer screen. If you are not yet a fan Hautelook, or Ideeli you are missing out!

Question of the day:

What are you doing this weekend that is fun? Do you have any plans to get out of town and relax? Maybe an awesome workout planned??

September 16, 2010

Snacks and chocolate and cake Oh My!

Not to freak anyone out but today went something like this. Did really good the first part of the day and then had some indulgences. Once a month my work does a birthday celebration for everyone who has a birthday that month. Last month it was my birthday(so I of course had to eat the cake) This month….I just love cake! I didn’t take a picture of the cake, but I did log it in my calories. It was a German Chocolate Cake, and from a good bakery! Not to be confused with stuff from safeway. This was some yummy chocolate cake! I indulged in a small piece and I am going to the gym tonight so my gilt will have to subside.

When I look back to what I ate today I think I did pretty good

Breakfast-Green Monster

Lunch- Veggie wrap

  • 1 tortilla
  • hummus
  • spinach
  • sprouts
  • onion
  • mustakraut! (Sooo GOOOD)

Well it is only my second day blogging and I am already feeling pretty good about it. I am hoping to have a great workout, and an awesome dinner and maybe some lovin….From kitties…Krazy Kitties…..

September 16, 2010

Gelato Dessert and Green Monster for breakfast!

Last night after returning from the grueling 4 mile run, we went to an amazing taqueria, Cactus. I love this place because I used to come here when I lived in the Rockridge District of Oakland. Me and my running buddies  yummed down on some flipping tastic fish tacos! Sorry no pics, I didn’t have my camera after the run. I came home and cleaned the cat box(eww why was that the first thing I did when I got home?) and did some dishes. Then It was time for dessert! Jason and I pulled out some single serving gelato’s from the freezer.

MMMMmm Pistachio

They looked so cute together so I took another picture. Jason is also debuted in this picture, as he has decided to be in all my food pictures when he is home.

double time!

I slept like a baby after that run. Even though I was having some of the strangest dreams of flying cars, and random people getting married, and crashing house parties; I had a good nights sleep.

This morning on the other hand seemed to come way to fast. I believe I was jetting in my flying car when the alarm started yelling at me. I shut it off and said F-U alarm and went  back to sleep. I was then awakened by a cat party on my back. I crawled out of bed into the shower, feeling exhausted from that run last night. In my towel I started working on my Green Monster.

How much is too much spinach?

I thought to myself this is a serious amount of spinach. I am so hardcore now!

Blending was the next step



Gotta love the beer glass!

Then I was off to work.

Now I am sitting here typing this amazing post and I am so full! Something about the combo of greens, protein powder, flax seeds, and fruit was right today.

September 15, 2010

The Beginning.

I am just getting started, but get ready for some great reads on food, fitness, fashion, life and love….Maybe a little hate as well but we won’t get into that just yet.

Lets start with today’s breakfast. I started with  Green Monster Drink which is my new favorite way  to start the day. My monster of the day consisted of these ingredients.

  • 2.5 cups spinach.
  • 1 Banana
  • 1/2 cup BlueBerries
  • 1 scoop protein powder
  • 1 cup Unsweetened almond breeze.

I threw it all in the blender and let it whirl. I was staring at the spinning green drink, imagining how good I will feel after drinking these for breakfast for a week straight!

As the day went on I snacked on an apple, a carrot and some yummy garlic hummus dip.

Lunch Time!

  • One large whole wheat tortilla
  • 1/2 Chicken Breast (seasoned with Cajun Seasoning)
  • 1/2 bell pepper sliced
  • 1/4 avocado
  • 1 cup spinach
  • little spread of hummus
  • drizzle of poppyseed dressing

This was a pretty yummy lunch if I say so for myself! I am starting to get a little sick of just chicken breast and salad or other variations.

Do you have a favorite lunch you have a hard time breaking away from? What helps spice up your usual meals?

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